Winter in Yosemite: Stunning & Serene

A National Park in winter?
There’s nothing like it.

Yosemite Winter Hiking- Trees

Come Labor Day, Yosemite National Park employees, rangers, and, it seems, even the wildlife collectively breathe deep and take a moment to sit, relieved to have endured another summer in one of America’s most sought-after adventure destinations.

Come winter, the quiet of Yosemite is restored. The park is (almost) as it was when Lincoln initially protected it in 1864, an act that paved the way for the very idea of our National Parks.

On a winter, inn-based tour with Wildland Trekking, you can experience true solitude throughout the day and the comfort of carpet, camaraderie, and a warm shower at night.

"Storm at El Capitan" The first winter storm of the year hits Yosemite's El Capitan. The Granite Monolith rises more than 3000 vertical feet off the valley floor. This image was created standing at Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park in early November with a 400mm lens and a Canon 5DS. #yosemite #elcap #elcapitan #photography

Yosemite Valley snow smothers the echoes and paints the landscape in a sea of accentuating ice and snow. The scenes are more than idyllic.

Even in low snow years, the quiet is noticeable. Fewer cars. Shorter lines. Open trails. It’s an entirely different experience.

We’ll day hike to waterfalls, snowshoe through old forest, and take in expansive, cross-valley views.

If you’ve traveled with us in Yosemite during one of our many great summer trips, you know what this park has to offer. Now picture it with a fraction of the visitors you noticed then.

Yosemite is in rare form this time of year. Let us help you experience it in comfort.

Yosemite Winter Hiking Lodge at Night

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