North Rim = Secluded Serenity

6 million visitors can’t be wrong.

A mile deep. 277 miles long. 18 miles across. The Grand Canyon should be first on your bucket list. And given over 47 million visitors in just the past ten years,¹ it probably is.

Add a little serenity to your scenery.

Last year, the North Rim saw just 11% of the Grand Canyon’s 6 million visitors.²

See farther.

north-rim-sunset-shutterstockNorth Rim views are 1,000 feet higher.

Seek more.

braque-lee-east-zion-buffalo-vibrantZion and Bryce are just around the corner.
Zion Mountain Ranch — the working buffalo ranch where we stay on our 6-Day Zion, Bryce and Gand Canyon Tour

Savor the Season.

Secluded location + high elevation = short seasons.
e.g. The North Rim Lodge is only open May 15 through October 15.


See it for yourself.


Wonders of the Grand Canyon
Backpacking Tour. 6 days. May, September and October.

Kanab Creek Adventure
Backpacking Tour. 7 days. May and October.

Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon
Lodge Tour. 6 days. End of May through September.



¹ Visitation Statistics by Year

² Traffic Counts by Location



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